Anupma Singh

Anupma pursues her second Ph.D. at Iowa State

Anupma Singh received her first Ph.D. in American Literature from the University of Allahabad in India. Since then, she became a lecturer in India and Minnesota, sharing her knowledge with the students.

Her decision to obtain a Ph.D. in higher education happened during her time lecturing in the Department o Asian Languages and Literature at the University of Minnesota.

“My time teaching at Minnesota gave me experience with the system interaction and how it works with the student population,” Anupma said. “It was like a brave new world and really provided me with a diverse experience, and that experience is what brought me to Iowa State.”

While at Iowa State, Anupma found a passion in researching the internalization of higher education to gender and race identities in higher education. Currently, she has two different manuscripts in the works, one with Professor Linda Hagedorn, and another with Assistant Professsor Anne Estapa. 

Anupma plans to use the skills she gains at Iowa State to continue her research and excel as a professor at a university.

“I would like to be a faculty member in a higher education institution, but there aren’t any boundaries in terms of location,” she said. “Ideally, I’d be in a position where I can contribute in the process of knowledge creation and dissemination whether it’s doing research, an administrator, or faculty member.”

With a family, a recently obtained citizenship, and two manuscripts in the works, Anupma manages to do it all. And she has some advice for other graduate students.

“My advice for the upcoming doctoral students would be that perseverance and diligence can take them to their dream destination in the graduate school. Also take into consideration that family and work life balance is very important for mothers and graduate students like me.”