Anna Ben-Shlomo

Anna Ben-Shlomo tackles college as a parent

As a mom of two, the decision to return to college years later, was not an easy choice.

“It took several years of discussing it,” said Anna. “I was sick of my boring job, my girls were getting older and more independent, and we had already lived in Ames for a number of years. I knew it was time to go back.”

With the encouragement of a friend, Christina Campbell, who also happened to be an associate professor at Iowa State University, Anna finally chose to continue her education at ISU in dietetics.

Not only is Anna a full-time mom, she works for the Special Diets Kitchen on campus as an assistant manager, goes to her classes, is involved in research studies, and now has the opportunity of a Rosenfeld internship. Through all of her activities, Anna takes pride in her work for the Special Diets Kitchen.

“I hope to leave my mark at ISU Dining by constantly improving the service we provide to students with special dietary needs,” she said.

While Anna helps students find the right food for their bodies, Anna’s family helps her find the right encouragement for school.

“School is possible as a mom because of the help and support my family gives me constantly,” said Anna. “They make a lot of it easier by just encouraging me to continue.”

After hesitating for several years about returning to school Anna said she was grateful she finally made the decision to do it and hopes more moms in her situation know they can do it too.

“Just do it,” said Anna. “It’s doable. It’s possible. Don’t be afraid, or you’ll regret not doing it.”