Angela Kermes

Angela Kermes prospers in hospitality management program

Angela instantly found her career goal when she began working at a hotel in high school. Now, she hopes to own a hotel of her own in the busy atmosphere of New York. Before this dream could become reality, Angela had to find which college to attend.

“My stepsister brought me here to Iowa State on a tour,” Angela said. “We have the same major too. The moment I stepped onto campus I fell in love and immediately canceled the rest of my college tours.”

Within her time spent at Iowa State University so far, Angela finds herself gaining great leadership skills from all the clubs and classes she participates in. She attributes her most influential opportunity to becoming a Directions Learning Community peer mentor.

“You have to be a leader to run a hotel. Peer mentors gave me more confidence and pushed me in the right direction.”

Angela enjoys getting the freshmen involved while also making them feel comfortable here, turning Iowa State into their second home. One day, she hopes to provide the same comforting aspect for her hotel guests.

“While it’s important to have a unique hotel, people remember good customer service not the color of the carpet,” she said.

Angela said attending Iowa State guides her down a successful path toward her future career, especially through the connections she makes.

“I’ve met so many different people and majors,” Angela said. “I think I could ask a number of people to partner with me and create something together.”

While Angela found her dream of running a hotel in the beginning of high school, she knows not all students find their passion as easily.

“Even if you don’t know 100 percent what you want to do, pay attention in class, reach out to professors, and join clubs,” Angela said. “You’ll get ideas from others and eventually figure it out.”