Andra Luth

Andra Luth shares her love of exercise with the community

When Andi walked into the Memorial Union at the beginning of her freshman year to check out ClubFest, she learned about a group on campus called ExerCYse is Medicine. She knew she wanted to join a club, so she decided to give ExerCYse is Medicine a try.

“My peer mentor was the president of ExerCYse is Medicine, so she encouraged me to come to the first meeting,” Andi said. “Last year I was just an ambassador, and then the leadership team approached me and asked if I wanted to get more involved.”

As a youth leader for the club, Andi organizes “ExerCYse Time,” where club members and student athletes travel to Ames elementary schools during the winter months to promote physical activity. She hopes ExerCYse Time will help kids develop a positive, lasting relationship with health and wellness.

“If we can get kids to be excited about exercising now, hopefully they’ll continue to exercise throughout their lives,” She said.

Exercise has played a major role in Andi’s life. After tearing her ACL in high school, Andi decided she wanted to go to physical therapy school to help athletes who go through similar experiences.

“I like being able to relate to other people, and this is a career path where I would be able to do that,” she said.

Andi plans to stay involved in ExerCYse is Medicine in addition to trying new things as she prepares to apply for physical therapy school. Looking back on her freshman year, she’s glad she made the decision to join a club right away, and encourages incoming freshman to do the same.

“It’s important to get involved early on, because it does open up a lot of opportunities in the long run,” Andi said.