Anastasia Frazee

Anastasia Frazee finds a major to match her goals

Growing up, Anastasia loved to help bake pastries and treats for her mother’s small-town, family-style bakery. As she started thinking about college, she realized her passion for cooking could translate into a major that she loved.

“The bakery was definitely my first exposure to baking and culinary science,” she said. “My mom had a small bakery where she did these large, chunky cookies, just like your grandma would make.”

Anastasia didn’t start her college career in culinary food science. As a freshman, she switched from dietetics to culinary food science after seeing the jobs and internships available at the career fair.

“There was this ice cream company that was at the career fair,” she said. “I remember thinking how it would be really cool to develop ice cream flavors, or to work with the texture and stability of the ice cream.”

Since then, Anastasia’s classes and her internship have taught her how science and food intersect. Her favorite class, Food Chemistry (FSHN 311), applies biology and chemistry topics to food, and explains the science behind how and why food cooks the way it does.

“It’s very challenging, but it’s the type of challenging where I know I’m going to use it down the line,” she said. “It makes it easier to put in the effort and the time to learn it.”

Anastasia looks forward to securing an internship with a food production lab. Eventually, she hopes to open her own bakery. Even though her mother has always been supportive of her daughter’s choice in major, Anastasia says her mother was excited to see her find her passion in culinary food science.

“She’s just now started teaching me the recipes from her bakery,” Anastasia said. “They were secret recipes for a while, and she now finally trusts me.”