Ana Schmitt

Ana helps students discover ISUEA

During Ana’s first semester as an education student, she discovered the Iowa State University Education Association, and got involved right away. Now, she reaches out to other students through her position on the ISUEA executive board.

“I wanted to grow the community on campus,” she said. “We get a lot of elementary education majors, so part of my job is reaching out to music, art, and secondary education majors as well.”

Ana’s job as the campus outreach coordinator is to encourage students to join the ISUEA.  According to Ana, at the time they join the Iowa State chapter, students also automatically join the Iowa Education Association and the National Education Association.

Ana said she loves the real-life experience that ISUEA offers its members. Career services, school principals, teacher panels, and even the 2017 teacher of the year have all made appearances at their monthly meetings.

“One thing I really enjoyed was having [Chuck Achter] come in to talk about interviews,” she said. “What you’ll see in an education interview is really different from what you’ll see in a business interview. It’s very practical information that you don’t get in your classes.”

Next year, Ana will take on the role of community outreach coordinator for the ISUEA. In addition to connecting with students, she’ll work with the Ames community to give members real-life experiences outside of campus.

 “My role will be to reach out to schools to try and get ISU students into volunteer opportunities,” she said. “I can’t wait to help grow our presence in the community too.”