Amber Holloway

Amber Holloway explores her interests through elementary education endorsements

After fainting while watching a surgery, Amber knew she needed to rethink her original plan of becoming a nurse or a doctor. Her interest in education was piqued when two elementary education advisers spoke during her H SCI 110 orientation class.

“My heart became full when I heard them talking about their previous jobs as teachers,” she said.

Shortly after that presentation, Amber declared a major in elementary education. However, she still had to pick her endorsement. According to Amber, endorsements are similar to minors, and act as an additional area of expertise for those studying elementary education.

“In elementary education, we can teach anything in K-6, and then we can teach K-8 in our endorsement areas,” she said. “My endorsement is English and language arts, so I could teach middle school English if I wanted to.”

When deciding which endorsement to pick, Amber wanted to incorporate her natural affinity for writing into her career as a teacher.

“I’m more of an English-based learner,” she said. “I enjoy math and science, but I really like writing essays, and I really enjoy reading.”

Eventually, Amber wants to earn a second endorsement in reading to compliment her English and language arts endorsement. Though she loves reading and writing the most, Amber likes that elementary education lets her teach a wide variety of subjects.

“I’m not in love with one subject, and elementary education offers more than that,” she said. “You have to pick an endorsement, but you get to teach every single subject.”