Allison Cherry

Trend prepares Allison for fashion industry career

When she transferred into the apparel, merchandising, and design program (emphasis in product development) in the fall of 2016, Allison wanted to start getting experience right away. To do this, she joined the editorial team at Trend, a student-run fashion and lifestyle magazine.

She enjoyed writing about beauty and said she’ll never forget the feeling of looking at her printed article, “Crisis averted: How to salvage your fav beauty products,” for the first time.

“Seeing my article published in Trend was a very proud moment for me,” she said. “It validated all the work I did and gave me the motivation to finish out the semester.”

In addition to enjoying writing, Allison also appreciated how her editor communicated with her.

“I was allowed to do what I wanted,” she said. “We had editors who gave suggestions, but mostly it was my decision, and I liked that.”

Allison’s positive interaction inspired her to apply for the assistant online director position, where she coordinates the fashion, stories, and design of the new online issue. She said one of the most rewarding parts about this new endeavor is giving back to her committee members.

“I’m able to give other people the opportunity to succeed,” she said. “My editor really encouraged me, and I want to do that for my committee members.”

Even though it’s her second semester in Trend, Allison recognizes how her involvement will benefit her future career.

“It helps me get experience in fashion,” she said. “My dream is to work for Cosmopolitan magazine, and this shows I’ve looked at all different angles in the industry.”

Throughout the rest of her collegiate years, Allison hopes to continue executive roles in Trend, and wants to encourage other students to join the organization.

“Don’t be afraid of any committee,” she said. “I didn’t feel like I knew enough about editorial and fashion, but it worked out. So take chances even if you’re scared, because it pays off in the end.”