Alli Azbill

Right major puts Alli back on track

Alli Azbill started off her college career enrolled in the food science program. She found herself feeling disheartened and questioning if she belonged in food science. She almost dropped out, but at 2:30 a.m. while studying for finals, Alli realized she could pass college, she just needed to find the right major for her.

“When my friend told me her minor was in financial planning, we both knew it was the right fit for me,” she said. “I am money-oriented, and I love helping people grow and learn financially.”

After a “much needed” phone call to her mom, Alli was ready to start pursuing her degree in financial counseling and planning.

The switch was very beneficial, and Alli turned her grades around. She got involved with several clubs, including the Financial Planning Association of Iowa State University student chapter organization.

The organization, which all financial counseling and planning undergraduates are encouraged to join, has given Alli a look inside the industry and important networking opportunities.

“I was shy and imitated by the whole thing,” she said. “There were a bunch of people in suits, but the experiences helped me gain confidence when meeting new people.

Now, Alli is the vice president of the student chapter and has secured a spot working as a mortgage loan officer at Global State Mortgage. She loves her job, but her overall goal is to open her own firm. Whether she will be a financial planner or continue as a mortgage loan officer she doesn’t know, but said Iowa State has prepared her to take on this next step.

“I feel ready to graduate,” she said. “I’ve never once regretted coming to Iowa State, and I am so glad I did.”