Alex Peters

Alex makes changes at Iowa State

Alex decided to attend Iowa State University to follow his dreams of becoming a fashion designer for the company, Marco Marco, and a professional drag queen. He chose ISU because he felt safe, despite his sexual orientation. Now, Alex is doing what he can to make Iowa State even more inclusive for LGBTQ+ students.

After attending Camp Pride this past summer, Alex met many people from around the country who felt discriminated against in public settings due to the lack of gender neutral restrooms. Hearing about people being made fun of or being forced to go into a restroom they don’t sexually identify with upset him.

“It bothers me people don’t feel like they have a safe place to go to the bathroom because of what their driver’s license says.”

Alex decided to help members of the LGBTQ+ at Iowa State by working with Student Services to change the restrooms, starting with those in the College of Human Sciences. He believes the changes wouldn’t be too dramatic in College of Human Sciences buildings, considering some restrooms already are gender neutral.

“I noticed we could simply change signage on some bathrooms.”

Alex is also looking into the costs and practicality of remodeling other restrooms in Lagomarcino, MacKay, LeBaron, Palmer, and Forker into private and lockable spaces.

The project is in its early stages and has not yet been approved, but Alex plans to bring up a bill to the student government soon. Once they are on board, he hopes the message spreads to other colleges on campus.

“I hope it spreads to the rest of campus,” he said. “Not just bathrooms, but across all areas of campus so people can feel comfortable on campus.”

Alex said he feels strongly about this project because he wants all students to feel safe on campus.

“It helps set our college ahead,” he said. “When LGBTQ+ students look at colleges, they look for things like gender neutral bathrooms. They want a college where they feel safe.”