Khum Yan (Adriana) Chew

Adriana Chew travels far for culinary food science program

Adriana Chew knew from the start that Iowa State University (ISU) was where she wanted to pursue her passion of culinary food science.

Back home in Malaysia, Adriana felt drawn to culinary and pastry arts. She kept that interest in the back of her mind while doing research on different majors and colleges. It was her high school chemistry teacher that introduced her to the prospect of studying culinary food science.

“I started looking around, but it was hard to find information on culinary food science,” Adriana said. “It always led me to nutrition. Iowa State’s was the first page I found any information on it.”

Adriana was set on coming to Iowa State so she enrolled in an American Degree Program (ADP), a direct entry university schooling program that allows students to study for one or two years in their home country and then transfer to an American college to finish their degree.

“When I took the American Degree Program, I fell in love with it. It’s the perfect system for me,” Adriana said.

In her time in ADP, Adriana earned many of her general education credits so she could focus on culinary food science classes once she got to Iowa State.

Adriana said she prefers how American colleges structure their classes. Most classes in Malaysia are A-Level, meaning that all exams, projects — and therefore grades — are all saved until the very end of the semester. She enjoys that Iowa State instructors spread out homework and exams throughout the year to keep her on her toes.

Adriana adds to her culinary food science experience by serving as an ambassador for food science and human nutrition (FSHN) at Iowa State. FSHN ambassadors represent the department in campus activities and visits to gain leadership skills and spread knowledge on FSHN to those interested in food and nutrition.

“I love talking to people about majors and things they might like,” Adriana said. “And I get to preach my love for culinary food science. I’m so honored to represent the international community in the FSHN department.”