Iowa State University scholars gather at the annual conference of the Study of Community Colleges.

Iowa State University higher education scholars show leadership at CSCC meeting

Iowa State University School of Education scholars presented more than 16 percent of the papers delivered at the annual conference of the Council for the Study of Community Colleges, which drew participants from more than 75 colleges and universities. The students and faculty members from Iowa State also returned to the Ames campus with three awards and the council’s next president.

Hagedorn elected next CSCC president

Linda Serra Hagedorn, an education professor and associate dean of the College of Human Sciences, was voted in as CSCC president-elect. Her leadership will include organizing the association’s next annual meeting scheduled for April 26 to 28, 2018, in Dallas, Texas, when she assumes the presidency.

“Anybody who has done research on community colleges has come across Linda’s work,” said Lorenzo Baber, an associate professor in the ISU School of Education. “This is a great capstone to her work and it speaks for the high quality of our programs.”

Iowa State scholars win CSCC awards

Awardees honored at the conference included Iowa State University alumni and a postdoctoral scholar.

ISU alumna Yi “Leaf” Zhang received the Barbara K. Townsend Emerging Scholar Award. Zhang, who graduated with a doctorate in education from Iowa State in 2011, is now an assistant professor of educational leadership at the University of Texas at Arlington. The award recognizes a new scholar who has conducted outstanding theoretical and/or applied research that contributes to the professional body of knowledge about community college and demonstrates excellence in integrative teaching and mentoring.

Glennda Bivens (’16 Ph.D. Education), a community development specialist in Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, received the CSCC Dissertation of the Year Award for her study on the retention and persistence of black women who study at community colleges. The award cites Bivens for work that exhibits exemplary skills in research and scholarship and significant findings that could have an important effect on community college policy or practice.

Yu “April” Chen, a postdoctoral research associate in the School of Education, received a $1,000 CSCC grant for a study that uses two national data sets and advanced statistical techniques to compare post-graduation salaries. Co-principal investigators on the grant are Linda Serra Hagedorn and postdoctoral associate Ran Li. Chen and colleagues will analyze the salaries of community college transfer students after they have graduated with a bachelor’s degree — and compare them with salaries of their counterparts who attended four-year institutions throughout their undergraduate years.

“If community college transfer students earn significantly less than four-year attendees, then a salary penalty exists,” Chen said. “If there are no significant salary differences between the two groups, then there is no salary penalty. We are also interested in investigating whether or not there is a salary penalty in the longer term, such as four years after graduation.”

Presentations by ISU School of Education scholars

Papers by Iowa State presenters included:

— “A study on the impact of funding on state-level community college governance systems,” Jeffrey Fletcher, Iowa State University; Jan Friedel, Iowa State University.

— “What ten years of national surveys of state directors say about the future of community colleges,” Steve Katsinas, The University of Alabama; Lucas Adair, The University of Alabama; Mark D’Amico, University of North Carolina, Charlotte; Jan Friedel, Iowa State University.

— “The development and growth of Mexican-American studies programs at three community colleges,” Erin Doran, Iowa State University.

— “Dream catchers: Promoting persistence and transfer in Texas community colleges,” Erin Doran, Iowa State University; Anupma Singh, Iowa State University.

— “The influence of college readiness and institutional intervention upon intention to persist among GED-credentialed community college students,” David Carson, Scott Community College; Ran Li, Iowa State University; Linda Serra Hagedorn, Iowa State University.

— “Re-defining persistence: Black women’s account of what it means to persist,” Glennda Bivens, Iowa State University; Larry Ebbers, Iowa State University; Lyn Brodersen, Iowa State University.

— “Policies and practices of Midwest community colleges in communicating grades to students,” Karen Reynolds, Hawkeye Community College; Jan Friedel, Iowa State University.

— “Placed: Community college developmental climb in remedial math,” Jeanie McCarville Kerber, Iowa State University; Ran Li, Iowa State University; Linda Serra Hagedorn, Iowa State University.

— “Latino male community college students’ perceptions of their campus environments,” Sarah Rodriguez, Iowa State University; Alec Jordan, Iowa State University.

— “Latino men and masculinities: Community college transfer experiences in Texas, California, and Florida,” Sarah Rodriguez, Iowa State University; Marissa Vasquez Urias, San Diego State University; Cristobal Salinas, Florida Atlantic University.

— “‘A passion to mold young people …,’ A mixed methods study of Iowa community college athletics coaches’ profile characteristics,” Korey Kollasch, Iowa State University.

— “Perceptions of data-driven decision-making on student success: A study of culture, collaboration, and advocacy among community college leaders,” Yu Chen, Iowa State University; Marvin DeJear, Evelyn K. Davis Center for Working Families; Ran Li, Iowa State University; Lorenzo Baber, Iowa State University.

— “The retention of black women community college students,” Glennda Bivens, Iowa State University.

Poster presentation

— “The new reverse transfer: Degree attainment and the State of Iowa,” Eric Mertin, Iowa State University.

Roundtable discussants

— “Access AND success: The impact of late registration on community college finance (governance and administration,” Emily Logan, Kirkwood Community College/Iowa State University.

— “Dual enrollment: An examination of student development, academic rigor, and mission creep as community colleges expand access (history and mission),” LaDrina Wilson, Scott Community College/Iowa State University; Emily Logan, Kirkwood Community College/Iowa State University.

Session facilitators

— Glennda Bivens, Iowa State University, Compensatory Education Session.

— Erin Doran, Iowa State University.

Forum facilitator

— Linda Serra Hagedorn, Iowa State University, International Issues Forum.