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Spencer Winn

Major: Dietetics/Nutritional Science

Year: Senior
Hometown, State: Kimberly, Idaho

Type of experience: Dietetic Internship
Experience: ISU Dietetic internship Ghana International Rotation
Experience website:
Destination: Ghana

Overall experience..
I had a wonderful time! The experience had great balance of experiential and lecture learning opportunities. I had a great preceptor in Ghana and good support from faculty back here at ISU throughout the trip. It was nice to be abroad and disconnect from technology and learn so much about a wonderful people and their culture as well as more about dietetics and nutrition.

I learned...
Through peers and the FSHN 340 class.

An impact to my life...
I have always had the goal to travel more and be more culturally competent. Being able to room with a Ghanaian intern who i became great friends with helped me to accomplish this and learn a great deal about Ghanaian culture as well as getting to see things that normal tourists wouldn't when we were out and about in the city. As far as education peer learning was a huge part of the internship for me and completing a group project with other interns as well as professors from the university of Ghana was extremely beneficial.

My most valuable learning experience...
We were able to visit two hospitals on our trip and interact with the dietitians there. As part of this learning experience I came to realize the difference in resources available to the Ghanaian dietitians as compared to what we have here in the states. I was impressed with the resourcefulness and dedication of these dietitians and would like to implement some of their practices into my own practice to be more sustainable and a better steward of the resources provided to me.

I will never forget...
Interactions with the children in rural Ghanaian communities and the ability to help them and their parents to find ways to intervene nutritionally to help them reach optimum growth.

A surprising discovery...
We visited cape coast slave castle. The point of no return for slaves who were sold during the slave trade. It was a harrowing experience that i wasn't expecting. The castle was maintained very well and gave me feelings of sorrow for all that those captured had to go through and gratitude that the slave trade has ended. However we did learn that there is still slavery today and about ways we could help prevent it. It was a surprising once in a lifetime experience.

Advice for others...
Follow the packing list, follow instructions from travel doctor and preceptors about things to eat and not eat and how to stay safe. And be willing to go out of your comfort zone to experience another culture.

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