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Sara Smith

Major: Dietetics/Nutritional Science

Year: Graduate
Hometown, State: Hickory, North Carolina

Type of experience: Dietetic Internship
Experience: International Dietetic Internship Community Rotation
Experience website:
Destination: Asesewa, Ghana

Overall experience..
The entire program was such an unbelievably rewarding experience!!! During the program we had the opportunity to complete a nutrition research project while actually living in the community we were studying. The focus of our research was on the common food beliefs and feeding practices of children up to age 5. The program also allowed us to interact with local health professionals and dietitians, learn to prepare local foods, tour local hospitals, and learn to assess malnourished individuals.

I learned...
I learned about the international opportunity through research of the ISU Dietetics Internship webpage. Their page has so much helpful information about the internship and even has photos of past abroad experiences!

An impact to my life...
This experience has given me a healthy boost of confidence as I get ready to enter the professional world as a new dietitian! The program allowed me to enhance my cultural diversity through experiencing daily life in a culture aside from my own. I also feel I have gained personal perseverance and better team work skills after completing this program abroad.

I will never forget...
The most memorable experience I had was getting to work with mothers and their babies in the local community. The program allowed us to meet so many wonderful people; I will be forever humbled by the sweet joy and love they showed us while working with them. There is truly nothing like seeing so much thankfulness and the eyes of a child that has so little.

Advice for others...
If you are considering the opportunity to study abroad, I highly recommend this program!! Just in the month abroad, I feel I have gained a multitude of skills that will be invaluable to my future both personally and professionally.

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