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Kacey Pietz

Major: Early Childhood Education

Minor/option/emphasis: General Businesss minor

Year: Junior
Hometown, State: Ames, IA

Type of experience: Faculty-Led Program
Experience: Happiness and Hygge in Denmark
Experience website:
Destination: Denmark

Overall experience..
This program by only changed my outlook on my professional career, but also my day to day life. I took in the Danish culture by listening to lectures from people of all walks of life, exploring each city, and building relationships with my classmates. My favorite lecture came from Henrik as our time with him felt extremely hygge. Overall, I really enjoyed my time on this study abroad.

I learned...
Dr. Hillman spoke to one of my HD FS classes.

An impact to my life...
As a future educator, happiness is a main goal of mine for all of my students. I want to build a classroom where everyone is welcomed and valued. This experience showed me how possible my goal is. I also am able to apply different aspects of the Danish culture to my personal life.

My most valuable learning experience...
The afternoon and evening spent with Henrik provided the most valuable learning experience for me. He went above and beyond to make our group take in the Danish culture. He taught me so much in one afternoon and I couldn’t be more thankful for his gratitude.

I will never forget...
My favorite memory from this trip was spending my birthday with people I barely knew two weeks prior. I became so close with everyone on the trip and each one of them made my birthday extra special.

A surprising discovery...
I didn’t expect to become as close as I did with all of my classmates. The girls I traveled with really made the trip better than I ever could’ve imagined. In the future, I will continue to find value in building relationships. As for my profession, I believe it is especially important children learn how to build and sustain relationships.

Advice for others...
Be present and open to all opportunities. One can learn something new in every situation.

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