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Michel Hirschuber

Major: Elementary Education

Minor/option/emphasis: English/Language Arts, Reading

Year: Senior
Hometown, State: Hopkins, MN

Type of experience: International Student Teaching Program
Experience: International Student Teaching Program
Experience website:
Destination: Norway

Overall experience..
Where do I start? This experience is more than what I expected it to be. From being able to live in another country for 2 months, to being given the opportunity to do what I enjoy and teach alongside with it, I could not have had a more positive experience. As I look back on my experience here in Norway, I can’t begin to think about everything that has impacted me during my time here. From the countless adventures, new food, friends, and most importantly, the teaching perspectives I have gained. Being in the classroom and schooling environment here in Norway has given me a completely new view on teaching and being given countless opportunities to explore the country will not be forgotten as well.

I learned...
I first learned of this opportunity through the school of education student teaching round-up as a Freshman. I peaked an interest at an early time and learned more about it as the experience got closer to relevance. There were several options of places to go and I knew that each would provide different opportunities, but all would be beneficial in their own way.

An impact to my life...
This entire experience is unique and will stick with myself forever. Being given the opportunity to not just live in another country for 2 months, but to teach middle school aged students in a foreign setting is amazing as well. It doesn't just provide myself with the teaching experience to bring back home to America, but provides skills to use in everyday life, stories to share, and application to my long-term career as an educator. I want to be able to learn throughout my whole life from different people and different cultures, and this experience has provided me with a unique experience to learn from the opposite side of the world.

I will never forget...
There were so many memorable experiences and people that I met, but I really enjoy doing long-distance running and I was given the opportunity to run a half marathon on a neighboring island. A teacher at my school offered to bring me and run with their group and I accepted the offer very fast. I was able to meet locals, hear some running stories of theirs, and especially, check off running a long distance race in another country off of my bucket list!

Advice for others...
Just do it. There are not many opportunities to travel, be submerged in another country's culture, and live like you will when studying abroad. People have always told me that they wish they would have studied abroad and after doing it, I agree and would do it all over again. Not much can compare. I was on the fence, but glad I was able to gain the opportunity.

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