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Living and learning, 1960s-1970s

Submitted by Terrie Craig Sleeman from Fairport, New York
Home Economics Education alum
  • BS, Home Economics Education, 1970

A few cherished memories

  • Wearing a synthetic, used white uniform to prepare foods in F and N (Foods and Nutrtion) where we swept the crumbs off the tablecloth into a type of dustpan.

  • Eating variety meats in foods lab, where beef tongue tasted like roast beef.

  • Flat pattern class where we "seamed to cut up a lot!"

  • Thick diet analysis books and calculators to look up each portion of food on a menu. Now we use quick computers.

  • Organic chemistry where I learned the citric cycle with an adult learner who was a serious student!!!

  • Cut and paste 101 where we made color chips.

  • Burning fibers and the smell of natural textiles smoking.

  • Speech class where I tied beautiful neck scarves as a demo.

  • Observing children in child development and not knowing what I was looking for.

  • Fashion design where I learned that my features were more romantic than athletic (more curves)!

  • I took a summer workshop taught by a grad student. We covered bodies with a plastic cleaner's bag, wrapped each other with surgical tape as if we were making a body cast. We let it dry in the sun, cut up the back, and sewed it back together, inverted; we stopped up the neck and filled it with two chemicals that created a foal figure. I still use it today!!

  • All in all, a wonderful, life-giving experience that I have continued to draw upon throughout my 36-year career in home economics education.