2008 CHS Faculty/Staff Award Recipients

The following faculty and staff members were recognized with College of Human Sciences awards on August 21, 2008, as part of the fall convocation.

Florence Hamrick Associate Professor
Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Florence Hamrick

Career Achievement in Teaching Award

“Flo does not do the thinking for people; she challenges their thinking and fosters their intellectual and personal growth.”  This statement from one of Florence Hamrick’s former pupils encapsulates the teaching style that has left such a memorable impression on so many of her students and colleagues.

Students also appreciate her humility and have often observed her readiness to celebrate their accomplishments rather than her own. Given her personal investment in her students, it is no surprise that one colleague remarked that her students routinely call her “one of the best teachers they have ever had.”

JaneAnn Stout Associate Dean and Director
Iowa State University Extension to Families

JaneAnn Stout

Career Achievement in Outreach Award

With a 34-year career at Iowa State University, JaneAnn Stout has influenced thousands of lives through education, outreach and personal contribution to issues directly affecting Iowans. Her exemplary vision has led ISU Extension to Families to anticipate and respond to critical public needs with programs that demonstrate high economic, social and environmental impacts.

Stout has been described as a leader, mentor, spokesperson and creative thinker. As someone who truly understands the vital needs of Iowa’s people, Stout’s impact can be seen in the thousands of people benefitting from Extension services on a daily basis.

Leah Keino Assistant Professor
Department of Apparel, Events, and Hospitality Management

Leah Keino

Faculty Award for International Achievement

Leah Keino personifies the very spirit of the College of Human Sciences, working to create, share and apply knowledge to improve lives globally. Her research on international learning has raised the university’s awareness of issues affecting those in Sudan, Rwanda, Darfur, and the Middle East via study abroad programs, global issues groups, lectures and international partnerships.

As one of her nominators wrote, “Every time I speak to her she seems to have another new idea for international work; she is ever alert for new possibilities for expanding ISU’s international focus.”

Anne Foegen Associate Professor
Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Anne Foegen

Mid-Career Achievement in Research Award

Anne Foegen is nationally recognized and widely respected for her pioneering research in teaching mathematics to secondary-aged students with learning disabilities. A major phase of her research has focused on developing progress measures that teachers can use to evaluate the development of secondary-level students’ mathematical skills.

With five publications in the highly respected Journal of Special Education, frequent participation in the Council for Exceptional Children and Pacific Coast Research conferences, and collaboration with the Iowa Department of Education, Foegen has made a major impact on her field and displays the promise to leave an even larger academic footprint in the future.

Marian Kohut Associate Professor
Department of Kinesiology

Marian Kohut

Mid-Career Achievement in Research Award

The Iowa State College of Human Sciences aims to use research to improve the health and well-being of Iowans and people everywhere. Marian Kohut has been perfecting that practice for the last decade.

Colleagues consistently remark on the innovation and relevance of her work, with one describing it as “timely and of great public health importance.” Her sterling reputation among the research community seems primed to grow even brighter as she continues to delve deeper into the interactions of exercise, aging and disease.

Corey Drake Assistant Professor
Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Corey Drake

Early Achievement in Research Award

Since earning her doctorate degree less than a decade ago, Corey Drake has made a name for herself in the field of mathematics education. Drake has investigated several aspects of the field, most notably the relationship between teachers’ professional development and curriculum use. Several colleagues have noted that she is exploring new avenues by examining not simply how teachers influence curricula, but also how curricula have the power to change teachers.

Perhaps even more impressive is her record of obtaining external funding through the National Science Foundation and Spence Foundation, both of which are recognized for their highly competitive, selective and prestigious research grants. She recently secured the NSF’s CAREER grant for young scholars, moving one colleague to say, “I believe Dr. Drake will emerge as one of the leading scholars in mathematics education.”

Ana-Paula Correia Assistant Professor
Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Ana-Paula Correia

Early Achievement in Teaching Award

Ana-Paula Correia is an inspirational teacher whose innovative methods and enthusiasm for instructional design have become the hallmarks of her educational approach. She has taught classes on designing effective teaching and learning environments, advancing interactive media in the classroom, managing and evaluating instructional technology programs, and advancing instructional systems design.

The growing prominence and promise of technology is also a major tenet of her teaching, with online content and communications playing major roles in her curriculum. She has utilized technology to facilitate collaborations with students from other countries via virtual learning communities, thus cultivating an international perspective among her own students.

Cathy Hockaday Adjunct Assistant Professor
Department of Human Development and Family Studies

Cathy Hockaday

Adjunct Faculty Distinguished Service Award

Cathy Hockaday brings creativity, enthusiasm and warmth to every class she teaches, all of which have made her an extremely respected and well-liked member of the College of Human Sciences faculty. She is innovative and constantly on the look-out for new methods and ideas, yet also utilizes traditional methods that have been proven effective.

Colleagues note that she has shown excellence in both generating ideas and implementing them, while also lauding her collaborative nature, dedication and sense of humor. Hockaday is a teacher who expects a lot from herself and has consistently displayed the ability to get the most out of her students.

Ann Guddall Administrative Assistant
Department of Human Development and Family Studies

Ann Guddall

Professional and Scientific Employee Distinguished Service Award

As an administrative assistant, calling Ann Guddall a jack-of-all-trades would hardly do justice to the plethora of responsibilities that she undertakes on a daily basis. That she is able to manage all of these while maintaining a smile is a true testament to her professionalism, accessibility and dedication.

Given her record of outstanding service, it comes as no surprise to hear a faculty member remark, “I feel relief knowing that Ann has everything under control.”

Kate Shafer Academic Adviser
Department of Curriculum and Instruction / Department of Human Development and Family Studies

Kate Shafer

Outstanding Adviser Award

In advising more than 175 students across two disciplines and teaching an orientation class, Kate Shafer certainly has her hands full. What sets her apart is the extra time, dedication and personal care she puts into helping each and every one of her advisees succeed.

Of the many testaments to Shafer’s performance given in student evaluations and nomination letters, one statement stands out: “She has such a deep commitment to her advisees and goes above and beyond to help future educators succeed. She is one of the most thoughtful and caring people I know.” As the College of Human Sciences strives to make an impact on the quality of people’s lives, Kate Shafer’s efforts as an academic adviser perennially fulfill its mission.

Deeanna Bechtel Secretary
Office of the Dean

Deeanna Bechtel

Merit Employee Distinguished Service Award

Deeanna Bechtel provided years of invaluable service to the College of Family and Consumer Sciences, but her talents and personality have proven even more critical since the formation and subsequent growth of the College of Human Sciences.

Her dependability and problem-solving capability are matched only by the upbeat attitude, unassuming personality and level-headed demeanor that she carries throughout her interactions with staff, faculty and visitors. As one co-worker put it, “She is exactly the type of person one would want to provide this important first impression of our college.”