Overcoming Math Anxiety

Enhancing Academic Success: Overcoming Math Anxiety with Online Teaching Modules and Quizzes

Jessica Hurst Tianshu Zheng Sara Kadolph Anne Foegen

Jessica Hurst

Tianshu Zheng

Sara Kadolph

Anne Foegen

Funding type: Innovation Initiative

Principal Investigators (PIs)
Jessica Hurst, PI, AESHM
Tianshu Zheng, Co-PI, AESHM
Sara Kadolph, Co-PI, AESHM
Anne Foegen, Co-PI, CI

Amount Awarded: $16,418

Duration: 1 year

Disbursement: 2009-2010 fiscal year

Announced: March 9, 2009

Contact: Jessica Hurst, hurstj@iastate.edu

Abstract: Recurrent reports from AESHM faculty members reveal students struggling with basic math competence and confidence. This teaching initiative will complete, implement and promote an online course using teaching modules and quizzes. The potential return on the requested $25,000 includes increased external funding and continued tuition dollars from student enrollment. Future application of the online course includes distance education offerings to community colleges and universities in the United States and elsewhere. The proposed teaching, learning and evaluative/assessment course components demonstrate creative, cross disciplinary leadership in addressing human-science related issues, positioning CHS as a leader in teaching/learning excellence.

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