Learning Design Solutions

Learning Design Solutions: A Student-Led Embedded Enterprise in the College of Human Sciences

Ana-Paula Correia Ann Thompson Linda Niehm    

Ana-Paula Correia

Ann Thompson

Linda Niehm


Funding type: Innovation Initiative

Principal investigators (PIs):
Ana-Paula Correia, PI, CI
Ann Thompson, Co-PI, CI
Linda Niehm, Consultant, AESHM

Amount awarded: $25,000

Duration: 1 year

Disbursement: 2009-2010 fiscal year

Announced: March 9, 2009

Contact: Ana-Paula Correia, acorreia@iastate.edu

Abstract: This proposal requests two years of funding to support a student-led organization, which provices educational technology consulting services. Its prmary purpose is to create a context within which student members can develop entrepreneurial skills and competencies. The organization will be housed in the Center for Technology in Learning and Teaching. The proposed initiatve objectives are: (1) empower students to become entrepreneurs in educational technology, (2) create sustainable relationships between ISU and surrounding communities, (3) improve students’ skill in educational technology, and (4) create an embedded enterprise model for the campus-wide entrepreneurial model.

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    Ana-Paual Correia
    515 294-9376