Creativity in Fashion Industry Professionals

An Exploratory Study of the Creativity Perceptions and Creativity Assessment of Fashion Industry Professionals

Sara B. Marcketti Elena Karpova Jessica Barker

Sara B. Marcketti

Elena Karpova

Jessica Barker

Funding type: Seed Grant for Untenured Faculty

Investigators: Sara B. Marcketti, Co-PI, AESHM; Elena Karpova, Co-PI, AESHM; Jessica Barker, Co-Investigato, AESHM

Funding: $5000

Duration: 1 year

Abstract: Creativity is a critical factor in today’s rapidly changing society. The purpose of this project is to understand the role of creativity in the development of professional careers within the fashion industry. Specific objectives include: (1) assessment of creativity; and (2) exploration of the creative thinking and problem solving experiences of successful fashion industry professionals. Information from this project will add to the existing knowledge base of the use of creativity within the fashion industry and will assist in the development of more effective instructional strategies and real-world examples in the teaching of creativity.

Additional Information: This study will assess the creativity of members of the Textile and Apparel Advisory Board (TAAB) and high-achieving alumni of the Apparel, Merchandising, Design, and Production (AMDP) major using the Torrance Test of Creative Thinking (TTCT). Then, in-depth interviews and focus groups will be utilized to elicit information regarding participants’ use of creative thinking and problem solving in their careers, experiences with creativity training, and insights into the behaviors that they believe have led to their success in the fashion industry.