CHS-funded Research

Teaching innovation initiatives


  • Gamification* of Personal Finance in Young Adulthood
    PI: Jonathan Fox
  • Project Intellectually Ambitious Activities (IAA)
    PI: EunJin (E.J.) Bang
  • Teaching and Learning Iowa History 
    PI: Katy Swalwell
  • Using virtual worlds to prepare pre-service teachers to teach mathematics and science in culturally responsive ways
    PI: Christa Jackson

Helen LeBaron Hilton funded grants


  • Development of Multi-media to promote SFP 10-14 and the PROSPER Model. 
    PI: Cathy Hockaday
  • Do Menu Labeling Formats Affect Consumers’ Healthy Eating Choice in Restaurants?
    PI: Eojina Kim

Seed grants for untenured faculty


  • Epistemic Beliefs and Reading Strategies when Competent High School Readers Select and Learn from Internet Sources
    PI: Byeong-Young Cho
  • Toddlers’ Individual Experiences in Center-Based Child Care
    PI: Christine MaynardRead news article about this research.
  • The Impact of Low Glycemic Carbohydrates Vitamin D-related Complications Associated with Diabetic Kidney Disease
    PI: Matt Rowling
  • The Influence of Activating versus Relaxing Music on Repetitive Movement and Associated Motor Cortical Activity
    PI: Elizabeth Stegemoller
  • Novel Sustainable and Green Nanocomposites from Renewable Nanofibers with Lipids
    PI: Chunhui Xiang

Collaborative seed grant initiatives


  • Prevention of Vitamin D Deficiency in Type 2 Diabetes by Resistant Starch-Mediated Inhibition of the Intrarenal Angiotensin System
    PI: Matt Rowling
  • Design Dialogues: Planning with African-American and Latino Youth and Parents for Educational and Environmental Development
    PI: Katherine Richardson Bruna


  • An Exploration of Multigenerational Legacies of Type-2 Diabetes within African American Families
    PI: Tera Jordan
  • Mucosal Immunity Against Respiratory Viral Pathogens
    PI: Marian Kohut
  • Independent and Combined Effects of Aerobic and Resistance Training on Blood Pressure
    PI: DC Lee


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