Brain research aims to reduce effects of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease


From music therapy to better nutrition and exercise, College of Human Sciences researchers are providing expertise in Iowa State University’s revolutionary brain initiative aimed at reducing effects of debilitating diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

Teaching social studies in culturally relevant ways


Growing up in Texas, Noreen Naseem Rodriguez wondered why there weren’t people like her in school textbooks.

“I went through 20 years of schooling and I never learned about the history of Asians in America,” said Rodriguez, who is half-Pakistani and half-Filipina — or what she affectionately calls Pakipina. “Even though it’s my racial background, because I never learned about it in school, I never had access to it.”

Rodriguez aims to change that for other students of color. This fall, she joins the Iowa State University School of Education as an assistant professor in elementary social studies education.

Iowa State University exercise study recognized for impact to worldwide health


Research released from Iowa State University details running’s positive effects on longevity — and today received an international award for its worldwide impact.

Students pair with professors to research food safety, food security, childhood obesity


An eight-week program this summer paired undergraduate students with Iowa State professors in food science and human nutrition to conduct research related to food safety, food security, and childhood obesity. The Cyclone Scholar Summer Research Program, directed by assistant professor Shannon Coleman, is open to any college-aged student interested in the area of food science and human nutrition. This year’s program attracted students from as far away as New York, Arizona, and Georgia.

Iron availability research creates worldwide food security


Iowa State University food and nutritional scientists are at the heart of an initiative to create food security around the world by improving the nutritional value of existing foods.

One of those concerns is iron deficiency, the most common and widespread nutritional disorder in the world — including both developing and industrialized nations — according to the World Health Organization. Manju Reddy, the Doris A. Adams Endowed Chair in Food Science and Human Nutrition, is focused on making iron more available with natural iron compounds and foods.

Researchers tackle obesity from multiple perspectives


Iowa State University researchers in food science and human nutrition, kinesiology, and human development and family studies form a cross-departmental team seeking to better understand, prevent, and treat obesity throughout the lifespan.

Festival highlights benefits of music for people with Parkinson’s disease


Elizabeth Stegemöller, an assistant professor of kinesiology at Iowa State University, established singing classes for people with Parkinson's disease in Ames, Waverly, Des Moines, and Storm Lake. An upcoming music festival and concert will not only highlight the clients’ musical talents, but also celebrate the strength they have built through song.

See the complete story by the ISU News Service.

Dean’s Faculty Fellow prevents foodborne illness


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports roughly 48 million people get sick from a foodborne illness, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die annually — making the safety of the global food supply a growing concern.

Researchers like Iowa State University’s Byron Brehm-Stecher are confronting the challenge head-on.

STEM-Lit program encourages play to teach K-3 students about science and reading


STEM-Lit to Go!, a program developed by School of Education postdoctoral research associate Sara Nelson, teaches young children about science, math, technology, engineering and literature through play. Iowa State University and 4-H Clover Kids are piloting the program this summer. It's designed for students in kindergarten through third grade and judging from their response, it's a hit.

Interdisciplinary team enhances protective clothing design


Interdisciplinary research at Iowa State University in the College of Human Sciences is improving the safety of those who wear protective clothing.

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