Change Agent: Angela Shaw


If you really want to understand food safety, microbiology might be a good place to start.

What pathogens cause foodborne illness? How do those pathogens spread? How can people stop them?

Angela Shaw, an assistant professor of food science and human nutrition at Iowa State University, has put those questions under the microscope.

Alvarez credits Iowa State experience with building leadership, teaching talents


Some say that Yesenia Alvarez started her teaching career in the first grade. At a young age, she would gather her older cousins around in the basement and play teacher.

“I’ve always known I’ve wanted to be a teacher,” said Alvarez, an Iowa State University alumna in family and consumer sciences education and studies.

ISU researchers want to break down language barriers with math and text messages


Getting parents engaged in their child’s classroom isn’t easy when mom and dad don’t speak English. That’s why two researchers in Iowa State University’s School of Education are working to overcome language barriers with text messages that kindergarten teachers can send home to parents.

Creating a space where students can be themselves


For students of color at Iowa State University, multicultural program offices are both a resource and a place to call home.

Bartholomae brings financial education, outreach to Iowans on campus and across state


Suzanne Bartholomae works to bring ideas to action.

She asserts that when it comes to financial stability, information alone is not enough. People must make a plan, and then work their plan.

Iowa State shares research about higher education policy and practice


Iowa State University scholars are this week sharing their research about higher education policy and practice at a meeting of the nation’s premier association for such research.

Twenty-one researchers, largely from the School of Education, are showcasing their work at the Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE) annual conference, today through Saturday in Columbus, Ohio. The association is a scholarly society with 2,000 members dedicated to higher education as a field of study.

Iowa State top presenter at international textile and apparel conference


Iowa State University apparel, merchandising, and design students and faculty will this week present the most scholarly activities at the International Textile and Apparel Association (ITAA)’s annual conference for the sixth consecutive year.

Faculty pair research, relationships to bring about student success


Matt Rowling is more than a teacher — he’s also a tour guide, leading students along on their Iowa State adventure.

“I want my students to realize that I’ve been in their shoes — I’ve been as confused as they are sometimes,” said Rowling, an associate professor in food science and human nutrition. “We’re going to learn together.”

Research to drive systemic change in STEM diversity


Iowa State University is a leader in bringing more diversity to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) — not only through outreach, partnerships, scholarships, and conferences, but also with research aimed at systemic change across colleges in the Midwest and nationwide.

School of Education faculty and staff members Sarah Rodriguez, Lorenzo Baber, Brian Burt, Mary Darrow, Rosemary Perez, and Mari Kemis will for the next five years lead the research components of four National Science Foundation grants totalling $11.6 million, all aimed at increasing diversity in STEM.

Gleason taps technology to engage students, explore new literacy skills with social media


Ben Gleason isn’t just asking students to turn to a page in their textbooks, he’s asking them to turn on their phones.

The new assistant professor of educational technology in the Iowa State University School of Education sees the connection between social media use and the creation of authentic community.

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