Winnifred Jardine

Alumni Merit Award

By the ISU Club of Chicago

Established by the ISU Club of Chicago in 1932 to recognize ISU alumni for outstanding contributions to human welfare that transcend purely professional accomplishments and bring honor to the university. A maximum of three awards are granted annually.

Winnifred JardineWinnifred Jardine
B.S. Home Economics Journalism 1941

In the 36 years that Winnifred Jardine was a columnist for the Deseret News, one of the two major newspapers for the state of Utah, she became a respected and revered friend to the people of Utah. Her daily columns were about recipes and about eating wisely, but most important, they were about people. “Her columns were as much about cooks as cooking,” wrote one reader. “Cooking has been for her a means to serve others. In short, her business has not been baking, it has been about benefaction.”

Jardine is the author of five books; one of them, Mormon Country Cooking, was a bestseller. She was given many honors throughout her career for excellence in newspaper food writing and was the Woman of the Year for the Utah Dairy Association. She was a member of the Utah State Nutrition Council and president of the Utah Home Economics Association, which also named her their Professional Home Economist of the year. In May 1999 she was awarded an honorary doctorate degree by Utah State University, Doctor of Family and Consumer Food Sciences.