Susan Kontos

Professional Achievement Award

By the College of Family and Consumer Sciences

This award recognizes superior professional accomplishments in education, extension, research, administration or business in the several fields of family and consumer sciences.

Susan KontosSusan Kontos 
 B.S. Child Development 1980

Professor of Developmental Studies and Early Childhood Education at Purdue University, Susan Kontos is a nationally recognized scholar in child care and early childhood intervention. She recently completed a national collaborative study of the effects of nonparental relative and family child care on young children, particularly low-income children. In the area of early intervention, Kontos directed Project Neighborcare, a research demonstration program on the inclusion of children with special needs in regular family child care settings.

A prolific researcher, Kontos is author or co-author of 49 refereed journal articles, 14 book chapters, three books, and five technical reports. Her work as associate editor of The Early Childhood Research Quarterly and as research editor of Young Children illustrates her skill at making research understandable and useful to those who deliver services to young children. Also an outstanding teacher, Kontos received the Mary Matthews Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching in the School of Consumer and Family Sciences.