Mary Pickett

Helen LeBaron Hilton Recognition

By the College of Family and Consumer Sciences

This award recognizes outstanding community leadership as well as leadership in the (former) College of Family and Consumer Sciences Alumni Association and the Iowa State University Alumni Association.

Mary PickettMary PickettĀ 
B.S. Household Equipment 1958

A faculty member in the College of Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) for over 40 years, Mary Pickett has continued her dedication to the college in her retirement. Her goal, first as a faculty member in human development and family studies, and now as a retiree, is to help others succeed. In 1995, Pickett identified FCS alumni as a valuable resource to the college and worked to establish the FCS Volunteer Ambassador Program to help make the college more “user friendly.” These volunteers serve as hosts for the myriad meetings and tours the college sponsors each year. On most mornings, Pickett can be found in the entrance to the Human Nutritional Sciences Building, answering questions.

Pickett’s volunteer activities extend well beyond FCS. A board member for Reiman Gardens, she was instrumental in the development and leadership of CoHorts, volunteer guides for the gardens. She gives her time to serve as a receptionist at the gardens, greeting visitors and assisting staff with on-going activities. Pickett is an outstanding ambassador for the College, Reiman Gardens, and Iowa State University.