Gaylord Tryon

Alumni Achievement Award

By the College of Education

Established in 1992 to honor graduates who are nationally or internationally recognized for their meritorious service or distinguished achievement in education.

Gaylord TryonGaylord Tryon
Ph.D. Educational Administration 1978

As executive director of the School Administrators of Iowa, Gaylord Tryon leads one of the most effective and highly respected professional organizations in the nation. Of particular note is Tryon’s commitment to increasing the number of women and minorities who are Iowa school administrators. He has rallied a predominantly male organization to advocate diversity among its ranks. As a result, the number of female elementary principals in Iowa has increased by more than 40 percent in the last seven years.

Tryon is a tireless worker for groups like the Iowa Business Roundtable, the Support System for Educational Reform, the Board of Directors of the New Iowa School Development Corporation, and the national Committee for School Public Relations.
He guides task forces to enhance educational leadership and chairs the National Association of Elementary School Principals’ State Executive Directors Committee.
His visionary leadership, coalition building, and lobbying in the Iowa General Assembly are driving forces in enhancing Iowa’s stature as a national leader in Pre K-12 education.