Ellen Look

Alumni Achievement Award

By the College of Education

Established in 1992 to honor graduates who are nationally or internationally recognized for their meritorious service or distinguished achievement in education.

Ellen LookEllen E. Look
M.S. Educational Administration 1980
Ph.D. Professional Studies 1983

As director of learning and development for Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., Ellen Look leads the performance improvement strategy for 5000 employees worldwide. Her development group delivers training in Northern and Central Europe, Asia, and Latin America, and assists with strategic planning in Central Europe. Throughout her travels Look serves as an ambassador for Iowa State University.

Look joined Pioneer in 1987, after serving as director of curriculum and later, director of staff development and planning for West Des Moines Schools. She is currently one of four managers responsible for implementing Pioneer’s entire integrated software system. This technology will manage communications, training, and change leadership for all Pioneer managers worldwide.